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Rokkatei Marusei Buttersand Biscuit

Rokkatei Marusei Buttersand Biscuit

Rokkatei's flagship confectionery, a long-standing bestseller

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Product Description

A flagship confectionery from Rokkatei, a long-standing popular item.

The biscuit is made with special wheat flour,  filled with white chocolate, raisins, and a cream sourced from 100% Hokkaido milk. It is one of Hokkaido’s iconic sweets consists of a buttery cream sandwiched between two crunchy biscuits. However, many fans of this snack went crazy for the biscuit portion of the sandwich, and in turn, Rokkatei started offering a product that consisted of only the biscuit. 

Product Details

Ingredients: Wheat flour, raisins, butter, sugar, dairy products (fresh milk, sugar), cocoa butter, eggs, almond powder, rum, liqueur, brandy, salt, corn starch, dairy products, cheese, rice flour, malt extract, vinegar/leavening agent, plant lecithin (soy-derived), flavoring, trehalose.

Nutrition Facts (per biscuit): Calories 168kcal, Protein 1.9g, Fat 10.2g, Carbohydrate 17.3g, Sodium 0.08g

Storage: Store at room temperature of 28℃. Refrigerate before consuming in summer.

Appreciation Period: 10 days.

Allergen Ingredients: Milk, Eggs, Wheat, Soy, Almonds.


The terminology APPRECIATION PERIOD of Japanese snacks is different from shelf life. It is recommended tasting the snacks before appreciation period, however, passing the appreciation period does not necessarily mean they are expired. Decide carefully before your purchase if you have any concerns regarding the appreciation period. 

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